A Deeper Truth | A Real Hope for a Real Existence
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A Real Hope for a Real Existence

A Real Hope for a Real Existence

The Christian ‘hope’ that I find myself being able to get behind (NT Wright), is the belief that the Kingdom of Heaven will be here on earth and it will be a righting of creation’s intention.  It won’t be up in the sky or some “other” place.  This kind of Christianity brings its truth to the ground, to earth, to now, to a hope-filled future earthly existence.

I also think this will completely change how we live here on earth and how we look at each other and our time and place.  It also gives way more meaning to human existence on earth as opposed to some place-in-passing which pretty much negates being created to live here at all.  It brings Christianity closer to what I appreciate about Buddhism in cultivating presence and appreciation for right now, for this place, for this object, for this work, for this ground, for this tree.

It makes Christianity more gritty, dirty and authentic like it mostly shows itself to be in the Bible.  Not this pretty Evangelical facade of “being saved” into some four star hotel.  It makes life now real.  It grounds everything for me.  It grounds me.  It grounds beauty and music and all the beautiful things about life on earth.  The idea that we’ve been created to leave earth has never sat well with me and I’m not sure i’ve ever actually been able to articulate that.

I can see why NT Wright titled his book Surprised by Hope. Hopeful it is.

  • Papa McCarty
    Posted at 13:33h, 21 October Reply

    Kewl. I haven’t read Wright, but know a lot of folks who have, and are fans. 🙂

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