A Deeper Truth | avett brothers concert | July 9th, 2011 | Red Rocks, Colorado
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avett brothers concert | July 9th, 2011 | Red Rocks, Colorado

avett brothers concert | July 9th, 2011 | Red Rocks, Colorado

Crackerfarm sitting in the stands before the Avett show in Red Rocks, CO

Tonight I’m watching the Avett Brothers play a concert in Red Rocks, Colorado.  They are simulcasting the concert online as well as on the largest HD television at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Avetts home-town pretty much.  They are originally from Concord, NC.

A band of two brothers, Scott and Seth, a third who joined and plays the upright bass, Bob, and Joe Kwon, a fourth who plays the cello, giving a certain eery melodic element to their indy-bluegrass rock and stroll style.  I love this band.  It’s the music I was made to play but don’t.  It’s music with heart and soul coupled with thoughtful and well-written lyrics.  These guys love to play music and it’s obvious if you watch any of their many performances to be found on You Tube or elsewhere on the net.  They have a very devoted following because they are down-to-earth gentleman who love music and having a blast on stage.

I’ve not seen them live and they will be in Washington state in August, the closest they’ve been to me yet.  I don’t have the money to go see them so tonight is my closest to feeling like seeing them live and I’m extremely excited.  I feel like I used to feel before going to a concert when I used to have the time.

In the picture above is a guy who goes by Crackerfarm.  He takes lots of great HD video of the Avetts on tour and in their home, just hanging and jamming.  Sometimes they are playing their own tunes and other times they are playing covers with an Avett touch.  Crackerfarm always seems to be around to catch it and I, for one, am quite thankful so that I may be able to quench my Avett love.

In our household, we all love the Avetts, but probably not near as much as my two year old son Finlay who seems to be a musical prodigy in the making.  He loves the Avetts more than any of us and desires to watch them every single day.  We have to tell him no many days otherwise he would be in front of the tv rocking our all the time.  He loves music.  See one of my earlier posts where I make him a homemade banjo.


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