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Banjo Building

Banjo Building

So I went out today to get supplies to build Finlay a new banjo.  His current banjo was constructed with a piece of one of Jamison’s baby doll high-chairs and she always wants it back.  She’s been using it more and more and it’s been causing Finlay heartache as you can imagine.  Also, his current banjo tambourine piece has been punctured the whole time.

I went to Toys R Us and bought a new tambourine, some drum sticks to use as the neck and a kids strap to keep it on.  The drum stick is too narrow to stay in place through the hole I wanted to use in the tambourine so I went to Home Depot to see what I could find to jam in the hole.  I would then be able to jam the drum stick into that.

I was looking at washers and such when a Home Depot employee came to help.  I had the drum stick and the tambourine with me and explained what I wanted to do.  He laughed and thought it was cool.  He started looking at stuff and I told him I was envisioning some sort of rubber piece that had a lip.  This helped jog his thoughts and he had just the right idea.  As we were walking to find what he had in mind he mentioned how he thought it was neat I was making this.  Then he asked me how old my son was.  I told him and he was amazed.  I then went on to brag about my little rock star.  As I was explaining, he mentioned that I should come to this music event he was putting on.  At some point in our conversation I explained Finlay’s and my love for the Avett Brothers, hence the banjo and he says, “oh I know of the Avett Brothers, I’ve seen them live.”  What?  Really??  The one person in all of Home Depot that gave me help to build a banjo for my Avett loving son has seen them live and I haven’t??  Interesting.

Below are pictures of me constructing this banjo and eventually Finlay wearing it.  It is much more solid than the previous version.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it all more, me or Finlay.  Okay, definitely me.

  • Papa McCarty
    Posted at 12:52h, 11 May Reply

    Only in the short-run will Finlay’s dad enjoy it more than Finlay. 🙂

  • Papa McCarty
    Posted at 12:53h, 11 May Reply

    Only in the short-run will Finlay’s dad enjoy the banjorine more than Finlay. 🙂

  • David
    Posted at 13:02h, 11 May Reply

    Awesome story and pictures. Really well done.

  • David McCarty
    Posted at 13:07h, 11 May Reply

    That’s killer. Great story and awesome pics. Reminds me of the time Jane bought Ricky a plunger at Home Depot because he had to have it. It was like $1.50. He walked around the aisles doing Jim Carey impersonations from Ace Ventura. Then on the way home Ricky asked if they could stop for ice cream and Jane said, in all seriousness, “Ricky, I just bought you a damn plunger.” The kids proceeded to break up laughing.

    They stopped for ice cream.

    • JMac
      Posted at 15:03h, 11 May Reply

      That’s hilarious. That will become one of the new McCartyisms, like “who’s better’n you?” or “I want my man to be handy.” It will be: “You already got a damn plunger!” when someone is complaining of wanting more than they have.

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