A Deeper Truth | Confessions | Information and Experience
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Confessions | Information and Experience

Confessions | Information and Experience

I am torn between a desire to know, to philosophize, to analyze, to understand why, to explicate; and a desire to experience, to play, to love, to be lost, to adventure, to play in the dark, to just be. Not that I cannot do both of these forms-of-being but they act like a tension that I find hard to manage. To really be in one see-saws the other and to really be in one means a submersion that creates a lack of perspective.

To “know things” does not always arise, and often doesn’t, from searching them out. I think many times, our immersion in experience, in self and others and environment, in story and dancing and love, brings knowledge understanding and clarity of the best kind. But I still can’t help taking that, crystallizing it and wanting to look like I know something!

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