A Deeper Truth | A Deeper Conversation
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A Deeper Conversation

A Deeper Conversation

It’s hard to be optimistic in the light of a Trump Presidency, and while I’m┬ánot optimistic about Trump, I am hopeful for a nation that will begin to have a deeper conversation. The people I have listened to or read online that interest me talk more about character, love, and resilience. They do not focus on the tit-for-tat politics that occur in our society. They care about a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in sharing the world together.

My hope for the coming months and years, is that the opposing force of Trump brings forth a renewed conversation around civility, being, love, respect, and deeper meaning. Why should Trump be a better person? Have we really answered this question as a nation, as a society, as a bunch of people on a planet hurtling through space? I’m not sure. I don’t think we have a shared reason why Trump should be different.

Politics has become a game of power, and while power is not bad in and of itself, it is incomplete without deeper character, purpose, relationship, and love. The conversation we have with ourselves, the world, and each other, should carry over into the way a nation works to govern its people. The people need to deepen their own conversation with their selves and their communities, and the public servants need to also deepen their conversation with the duty of governance.

Wisdom comes with age, experience, suffering, and contemplation. Wisdom does not exist in the adolescent. But more and more our pundits and politicians act like bickering children, and have no greater maturity than a self obsessed adolescent. We need wise elders leading our countries who have grappled with life, faced suffering head on, and found a deepened and renewed heart.

Love does not come easy, and if MLK said anything, he said that love would conquer all. Right now fear rules the world and erects walls between neighbors. Trump doesn’t have to build a wall – he already has. What the rest of us need to do is find love in our lives. Find a reason to love others better. We can only tear down walls when we commit to a deeper conversation with ourselves, with others, and with life in general.

We have lost the art and depth of conversation. It is time to get it back.

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