A Deeper Truth | Embracing Distraction | a revolution in my self
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Embracing Distraction | a revolution in my self

Embracing Distraction | a revolution in my self

There is a book written to help explain ADHD entitled Driven to Distraction. I’m not sure this phrase is exclusive to hyperactivity disorder. Isn’t this just a human response to being human? Isn’t this a response to all confusion, uncertainty and unknowing?

I am often distracted. You can call it ADD or ADHD or whatever the hell you want, but none of that means anything to me really. I must understand the purpose of distraction in my own life. I must also welcome the distracted part of me into my greater sense of being.

Recently I have been learning a process called Focusing that is about welcoming and accepting all parts of ourselves that show up.

This has been the beginning of a revolution for me!

I have often been frustrated by the ways of my being that didn’t just produce answers/direction/perfection. Realizing that I can accept the distraction as a part of me that needs and wants attention is more than helpful. It is a revolution of being. This might sound so simplistic or common sense or new agey, but it is none of those things. It is a profoundly paradigmatic shift that can only be lived and not explained.

Creating space for the part of me desiring distraction helps me to connect more deeply to my greater self. It helps me to understand more fully where I am coming from.

What I have done in the past is get annoyed at the distracted part and how it was getting in the way. I didn’t realize it needed attention and had answers itself. All other convention told me this distraction was not okay, was not natural. But it is, oh it so fucking is. It is me motherfucker. Where does this anger come from? It comes from all the distracted individuals made to feel less than because a part of them had to speak and speak loudly. It comes from my own judgment toward myself that creates more conflict than necessary.

Answers do not always come when welcoming my distraction. But being able to be distracted allows more room for me to fully be myself in a way that opens up space for possibility, for variety, for living in mystery as a fully conscious being.

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