A Deeper Truth | it’s hard to be more mature than others (and other thoughts on my superiority)
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it’s hard to be more mature than others (and other thoughts on my superiority)

it’s hard to be more mature than others (and other thoughts on my superiority)

Sometimes I look around me and wonder at the immaturity of others.  Sometimes I wonder why I’ve been given this gift of maturity and others must suffer living a life of childish emotionalism.   I find it comes easy to me to be responsible and act my age, while others struggle.  It’s hard to be better than others most of the time, but someone has to be the example!

Often times, I pretend to be imperfect and act a wee bit childish but I’m just not very good at it because my maturity is so much a part of me.  It’s like when you know how to sing it’s almost impossible to sing improperly, the ear can’t even hear the wrong notes.  I can no longer hear the notes of childish immaturity, no, I’m busy living life as adult.

I wonder when others will get it, when they’ll catch up to me.  It’s getting lonely up here in adult life with all the childish people around.  I’m usually amazed at my ability to prolong gratification, to manage finances, and to stay in jobs until I”m well prepared to move to another.  When it comes to finances I love to see my portfolio at work, see my savings, and invest in my children’s futures.  It seems like everyone else is living in debt, paycheck to paycheck, but not me.  I enjoy a life of fiscal responsibility.  I also dislike my job most days but that doesn’t matter, you can’t just leave your job when you don’t like it.  What’s wrong with people these days?

Everyone is so enthralled with the search for happiness.  I’m usually impressed with my ability to not be happy, to not let unhappiness keep me from doing what is right, what is responsible.  I can usually tell when others are trying to be like adults but fail miserably.  It’s usually an obvious facade to me that protects all their insecurities.  I love not having any insecurities.  I don’t know how others live with them.

I’m considering writing a book illustrating life as an adult.  I have a lot of superior thoughts and ideas for the childish-leaning others out there.  Stay tuned for more thoughts on the life of the mature, the responsible, and the got-it-together.

  • Todd
    Posted at 13:34h, 30 July Reply


  • Bob Wonder
    Posted at 14:25h, 30 July Reply

    love it!

    • JMac
      Posted at 16:43h, 30 July Reply

      thanks Bob, how’d you find my site?

      • Bob Wonder
        Posted at 08:16h, 31 July Reply

        Hi Jason

        There is a link to a few different sites on Shawn Smucker’s Blogroll, I was checking some of them out, your’s was one of them.


        • JMac
          Posted at 11:16h, 31 July Reply

          cool. glad you stop by. do you have a blog?

  • bob
    Posted at 15:50h, 05 August Reply

    blog – hell no – i leave the writing to those of you who can sing!

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