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My connectivity break has me thinking about lots of things. One of those is that social media, cell phones, and a connected life is not going away and must be integrated well. The other is my desire for a life that is also more “natural.” I want my kids to play outside more with neighbour kids (that currently don’t exist), I want them to explore the natural world more. I want my wife and I to engage in activities that interact with nature or natural elements. This is all a good balance to the overly digitized head space we end up in with the internet and phones.

I just don’t know what that looks like. I also want it to be natural in the sense of it not being forced and come from an authentic place. There isn’t currently anything I WANT to do. So am I just having unrealistic and idealistic expectations? Maybe. Maybe not.

I live in a town that is very much about image. It doesn’t feel natural here even though we live in a beautiful setting. Maybe it’s too beautiful. The people here are beautiful, they dress well, drive nice cars, and all have the latest. It’s a difficult place to live actually unless you have lots of money. It lacks soul and character. There is an anxious buzz that exists that feels the opposite of a town that’s more natural and calming and down to earth.

Maybe the anxious and unsettling buzz is just within me. Maybe I just see our town the way I feel. But it’s not just that. There is some truth to “wherever you go there you are” but I think that phrase can miss the power of place, of niche, of goodness-of-fit. Where we choose to be matters. How we develop the space around us matters.

I want a more natural feel to our lives as a family. It might not be spending more time in the woods, but something that grounds us all in the natural world. There is an anxious buzz that occurs in 6 people competing for their needs to be met in our family. The kids are constantly wanting to feel the next high of something and their parents are exhausted most of the time. It just feels like circular chaos that requires a slowing down, a grounding, a feet-in-earth sense of being. Children are always little addicts but so are exhausted parents.

to be continued…

  • amanda l
    Posted at 09:07h, 13 December Reply

    I think you’re onto something with integration rather than balance being the key concept. Unless we have some kind of apocalypse, the machines are here to stay. More than that, they offer a tremendous opportunity for creative evolution because they open a world of possibilities while simultaneously applying very heavy pressure to adapt.

    One of the things I’m hearing here is a feeling of disconnection from both the human community and the natural world. I think the poorness of fit with a place is a real thing…I have lived in many different locations and I know that some of them really didn’t work for me, I couldn’t connect there.

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