A Deeper Truth | Occupy | generativity, creativity, and responsibility
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Occupy | generativity, creativity, and responsibility

Occupy | generativity, creativity, and responsibility

Although the occupy movements certainly have a lot to rightfully complain about, I hope for something more.  I actually like the word ‘occupy’ for a movement of younger generations to take hold of an emptiness in our western society.  The occupiers and other passionate protestors have an opportunity here to make a bigger difference than they think.  Staying focused on Wall Street and the 1% is a dead end for change.  I’m not saying there shouldn’t be change in that sector, but on a larger scale of ‘occupy’ I think opportunity is knocking.

There is a great opportunity here for new and creative development.  There is an opportunity here to have a renewed sense of soul rise up out of the ashes of corporate greed and emptiness and generate a more creative and human culture.  How can this movement bring more meaning to our western societies?  Like the 60’s, I would like to see great music, literature, and social groups emerge.  New business ideas, non-profits, and other organizational developments.

If the young people, of which I am a part, continue to believe the 1% is the complete and total cause of all their problems, they will never learn responsibility and take hold of their own generativity. Baby Boomer children on down are overly entitled.  We have grown up during a time when parents could actually make us happy.  But, on the whole, we have lost the ability to do this ourselves.  Maybe this cultural crash will help dirty this false image of happiness and bring about the type of culture that takes responsibility, creates, and works together.

“They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

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