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Sometime in the past.

I pull up to a red light, music blaring.  The person in front of me keeps looking in the rear-view mirror.  I get annoyed.  He keeps looking.  What the fuck does this person want?  The light changes to go.  He pulls away, throws his arm out the window and shoots me the bird.  I think to myself that people are so strange.  I didn’t do a damn thing to this person.  I just pulled up behind them at a light!  Is that a crime!

I pulled away from the light myself and as I come to a stop at the next light, the music changed to the next song.  To my surprise my horn was constantly going.  Cars were looking at me.  I couldn’t get it to stop.  Looking up with silly grin to onlookers wondering why I was honking my horn at them.

I guess the middle finger is appropriate if someone is just laying on the horn behind you without pause at a red light.

  • Papa McCarty
    Posted at 18:16h, 19 August Reply

    HA! 🙂

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