A Deeper Truth | SNAPSHOT | Saying Hello
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SNAPSHOT | Saying Hello

SNAPSHOT | Saying Hello

I was walking down the street just a bit ago in route to my office when I walked by a couple dudes.

One of them looked up at me and said, “how’s it going?” in a kind of deep, tough guy sort of way.

I thought I would return the favour as I have been feeling particularly nice these days.

I said, “hello.”

But to my surprise, what came out of my mouth was not my voice.

Instead, it was that of a 12 year old girl.  Or it was like I was attempting to sing to him.

He seemed to be acknowledging me in an assertive way, in a claiming the sidewalk kind of way, and this made sense to me because I have this huge beard and probably look like someone you should be assertive with.

So it must have also been to his surprise when my “hello” sounded like a song.

Feeling emasculated, I cleared my throat and continued for the next block practicing out loud my best tough-guy-claiming-the-sidewalk “hello”.

I can still hear the voice that came from my mouth which wasn’t mine — it continues to echo into the valley.

  • Tara
    Posted at 17:41h, 11 October Reply

    so funny. i have moments like this… not with the tone of my voice but with what i say…and i float outside myself and think wtf are you even talking about just shut up

    • JMac
      Posted at 23:08h, 11 October Reply

      I love “wtf are you even talking about”. That’s hilarious.

  • giovanni
    Posted at 21:43h, 11 October Reply

    I’ve had moments like that too: voice cracks, and you sound like Mickey Mouse. I like your snapshot. I wonder how women would feel if their voice cracked, but instead of soprano it drummed deep bass?

    • JMac
      Posted at 11:38h, 12 October Reply

      Yea, i have instances where my voice cracks too, especially in therapy after listening for a while. But this instance wasn’t a voice crack, just a much higher hello than the sidewalk called for. : )

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