A Deeper Truth | The Self Cannot be Coerced | David Whyte
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The Self Cannot be Coerced | David Whyte

The Self Cannot be Coerced | David Whyte

From David Whyte’s The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self, and Relationship:

‎It is normal to try to bring our organizational competences to bear on a domain [the self] that seems immune to our normal everyday skills. But anyone who has spent any time in silence trying to let this deeper hidden self emerge, soon finds it does not seem to respond to the language of coercion or strategy. It cannot be worried into existence. Anxiety actually seems to keep an experience of the deeper self at bay. This hidden self seems reluctant to be listed, categorized, threatened or coerced. It lives beneath our surface tiredness, waiting, it seems, for us to stop (p. 154).

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