A Deeper Truth | To Facebook or Not to Facebook…
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To Facebook or Not to Facebook…

To Facebook or Not to Facebook…

It’s probably only been like several days since I deactivated my Facebook account.  I don’t know if it’s bringing the desired effect I wanted.  I am doing other things to bring simplicity but what I want my life to look like and actuality are two different things.  I also realize how much I rely on Facebook for social connection.  Not desperately so, but I enjoy it.

I’ve always been annoyed when people announce a Facebook break.  It doesn’t seem to be the point – to avoid an aspect of life that has become common.  Not that one has to be on Facebook but the way the world turns now means that something like Facebook needs integration, not just avoidance.  I get intellectual stimulation amongst other things from my Facebook interactions.

But Facebook can also be a time sucker and pull me away from being ‘here.’  But is it really Facebook that is pulling me away?  Don’t I want to just go somewhere other than here?  Don’t we need breaks from here?  Isn’t this natural?  Had a client in our centre this week who has created a whole world of characters in her head but isn’t distressed and is in control of her internal world.  I think this is beautiful.  Escape isn’t always a pathological endeavour.  But when is it?  How do we manage going away and coming back?  I’m not sure.

How I want to be more present and analog doesn’t just have to do with Facebook.  Part of it is my phone.  But I think I needed a break to get a better sense.  Maybe balance isn’t what is necessary in our day and age when it comes to connectivity.  Maybe social change is going to happen because we are over connected to the global world through technology.  We love to pathologize and moralize almost all behaviour, but we hardly ever understand it with appreciative inquiry.

Speaking of pathology, am I just creating reason to be on Facebook?  Am I just too weak to stay away?  I don’t care to do things just to do them.  I’m not going to push through something if it’s not making a difference.  I do think there is something for me to learn in this process and some way of not being SO connected, but I’m not sure what that is.  Maybe I need to keep doing what I’m doing and stay off Facebook and other social media from my phone so answers can bubble up.  I don’t know.

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