Burning Shadows
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Burning Shadows

Burning Shadows

Pain and loss. Trapped. Escape here, escape there. Long for what was. There is no place like home and Oz is paved with bumpy roads. Kansas is calling but we left for a reason. The reason turned ugly and warped and we don’t know why. Pulling children close that went astray and trying to love others that complicate.

What in our shadows is speaking from the lawn while eruptions of emotion only see fire. Will we get burned or is the fire a message? Is the burning bush speaking and pointing back to Israel or are we now in the desert for 40 years? Traveled excited and met with death.  We longed for something that was under our noses. But we had not arrived and projections survive. Must meet them at night and listen to their screams.

What pain must be healed and what promise must be kept? Who will we be when we feel the inside of our faces? The faster we run the darker it gets. We left home twice, both ending in death. Are we avoiding the void or ignoring the message? Confronting our souls is the only reason to love and linger for any season. Direction and guidance are vague and unclear, lost in the grey parts of sadness and fear.

Where do we go when we feel so lost but long for our home? Is the home where the heart is or is it really over there? Would we return to only find emptiness where life used to be, as though death is always where we think we should be? Feelings are real and want to be seen not only managed and sent to the street.

What are we creating over and over and over, it’s clear, something with vision for a woman so dear. To be held in the hands of her comfort like wine, sleeping in silence and arising with fire. Is it burning or light, to be trusted both might. A new face emerging from a small one in fright, exposing a heart filled with freedom and delight.

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